Monday, 27 April 2015

MPT On Site

I recently used the MPT on site to do a kitchen renovation job.  Having a solid, versatile and efficient work table to use while working in a clients home is essential.  Also, using a work table that you built yourself is a great additional example of your work to clients.  Here are a few photos of it set up and in use.

The versatility and efficiency of clamping to the MPT works perfect for drilling pocket holes in workpieces.  Also the shelf below is a perfect place to keep drill cases close at hand while working.

The MPT allows gable panels to be solidly clamped in place for a precise cut to a scribe line.  The working height of 37 1/2" makes it very ergonomic as well to minimize back and neck strain.

Using a circular saw and a cross cut jig the MPT makes a great cross cut station.  The dust hose arm accessory also takes the weight off the hose and keeps it out of the way.  Again the shelf below keeps tools and fasteners close at hand.  The rubber feet on the MPT also prevent damage to the clients flooring.

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