Friday, 3 April 2015

MPT Accessories

I have developed a series of accessories for the MPT to expand its applications and utility as well as make work faster, easier and more accurate.  All of the accessories integrate into the MPT's system of 20mm holes as a means of registration and attachment.  Below are some photos of the accessories that I have designed and built along with a brief description.  You can purchase a complete set of plans and instructions on how to build your own MPT accessories here.

Power Block Mount

The power block mount allows a power block or bar to be easily mounted anywhere on the aprons or stretchers for easy accessibility.  This accessory registers in any two holes and secures with knobs from behind.

Tool Tray

The tool tray gives a place to keep tools and supplies out of the way but close at hand.  The tray will mount anywhere around the perimeter of the MPT so it can be placed wherever works best for the given task.  The tray is also sized to fit in an L-Boxx for easy transportation.

Cross Cut Jig

The cross cut jig works in conjunction with the Parf dogs and gives two major advantages.  It avoids having to cut into the MPT top when making cross cuts and it also has a built in bench tape for quickly setting the stop block for repeat cuts.  The jig registers on the table so that it installs and removes easily and sits in exactly the same position each time.  The bench tape is set in a shallow dado so that it is flush with the surface.  The stop block is simply set to the desired measurement and clamped in place.  The cross cut jig makes very quick work of cutting parts to length very accurately.  There is also now an extension wing that extends to the right side of the cut that gives full support to the work piece.  The extension wing rests on the same saw horse and riser jig setup that the sacrificial cutting strips do.

 Sacrificial Cutting Strips

The sacrificial cutting strips create a cutting surface for full or partial sheets of material.  The plywood strips are supported beyond the MPT by two sawhorses with riser jigs clamped on top to bring them to the same height as the MPT surface.  The strips avoid cutting into the MPT top and also give support for a full 4x8 sheet.  The riser jigs have a height adjustment feature built in so they can be leveled with the top of the MPT on uneven surfaces. 

Dust Hose Arm

The dust hose arm holds a dust extraction hose out of the way and takes the weight of the hose off of the tool.  The arm will mount anywhere around the perimeter of the table and the top of the arm rotates around to any angle and locks with a wing nut.  The dust hose arm mounts in the same way that the power block mount and tool tray do.

Wheel Brackets

The wheel bracket accessory allow the MPT to be easily rolled around the shop or site.  This adds to the ease of use since the MPT doesn't have to be emptied off and carried to change it's location within a room or the shop.  The wheel brackets securely and quickly mount to one end of the MPT and then the opposite end is lifted up slightly to shift the weight onto the wheels.  The MPT can then be easily wheeled around and steered to change it's position.

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