Monday, 13 April 2015

MPT in Action

Here are a few action shots of the MPT set up outside today. I had to break down a sheet of melamine and a sheet of ply for the cabinet I'm building for a kitchen reno. The MPT along with the accessories that I built for it worked very efficiently in conjunction with the track saw to both rip and cross cut all the pieces.  Once all the cutting was done the MPT turned into a sanding station and then an assembly table. The MPT has really transformed how I am able to work in an ultra portable and efficient way. Being able to work on site with the same setup as in the shop is a huge advantage.

With the sawhorse and plywood strip accessory I was able to quickly and easily make all my rip cuts with full support for each sheet.  The MPT gives a very comfortable working height and solid support for full sheets.

The plywood strips also provide a great surface for making cross cuts on pieces that are wider than will fit between the Parf dogs.

 Cutting all the cabinet parts square and to length was quick and easy with the cross cut accessory and Parf dogs.  No measuring and marking was necessary with the built in bench tape.  The dust hose arm kept the hose out of the way and kept it from dragging on edges.

After all the parts were cut, the MPT made a great surface for sanding and routing and will also be used for assembly next.

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