Sunday, 11 October 2015

MPT on Finish Work

I was recently trimming out an entire house renovation and the MPT served as my work centre.  The MPT allowed me to assemble all of my build-outs, Boston header mitered returns etc. on a stable and comfortable work surface.  Also, in lower light conditions the attachment on the dust arm for my Bosch FL12's works great for adding some extra work light.  Being able to easily clamp down the sills to jigsaw and rout them was very convenient.  I find the lower shelf to be indispensable as a convenient place to have the tools I am currently using close at hand.  Dust extraction is a must for me in many of the spaces that I work in and having the dust hose arm to take the weight of the hose makes things much easier.  Another upside to using a work table that you built yourself versus a commercially made one is you get a lot of comments and interest from both clients and other trades.

Assembling Build-outs

Routing the Sills
Extra Light from FL12's

Cutting the Horns

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