Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rolling MPT

The latest accessory that I have just designed and built for the MPT is a set of wheels to make the MPT easily mobile around the shop or your work space on site.  The wheels sit just above the floor so that the feet of the MPT still sit solidly on the ground.  To move the MPT, you simply lift the opposite end which tilts the weight onto the wheels and it allows you to easily roll the MPT.  The wheel brackets are quickly and easily installed or removed as needed.  I have recently set up a new shop and the MPT plays a central role in it.  With object mobility being an important part of the new shop design, the new wheels on the MPT are a vital accessory.  I am going to be producing a complete set of plans and instructions for all of the accessories to date in the near future for anyone that is interested in purchasing them.

MPT with New Wheels
Wheel Bracket

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