Monday, 12 September 2016

MPT L-Boxx Worktop in Action

Here are some shots from the DP Shop Talk episode showing the MPT L-Boxx Worktop in action for a variety of common woodworking tasks.  Click on any photo to enlarge it. Click here to watch the full episode on YouTube.

The MPT L-Boxx worktop can be used for a variety of common woodworking tasks such as drilling, routing, sawing or sanding.  The convenient clamp anything anywhere setup allows all of these operations to be done easily and with both hands on the tool.  It can also be used with stationary tools such as using it as a miter saw stand or table saw outfeed support.  Similar to the MPT, Parf Dogs can be used on the worktop to create an accurate cross cut station for a track saw.

If you don't have a stack of L-Boxxes you can still use the MPT L-Boxx Worktop by clamping it to any other workbench, table or even saw horses.  This gives you the same features and utility of the worktop without the need for a full stack of L-Boxxes.  Another alternative way to use the MPT L-Boxx Worktop is clipping it on top of a Bosch dust extractor to give an easily mobile work surface that will roll around with you.  To purchase a full set of plans and instructions or for more information click here.



Miter saw stand
Clamped to a bench or table

Table saw outfeed support
Track saw cross cutting

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  1. Thank you much for this tutorial about MPT L-Boxx Worktop in Action with awesome pictures.I easily understand the activites of MPT L-Boxx Worktop to see the photo.