Monday, 29 August 2016

New MPT Style L-Boxx Worktop!

I have just finished designing and building a new MPT style worktop for use with Bosch or Sortimo L-Boxxes!  This new worktop has the same system of 20mm holes as the MPT and therefore can be used for some of the same tasks with some of the same accessories.  I've also created a full set of plans similar to the MPT plans. For jobs where you don't have space to set up the full MPT or jobs that are too small to require it, this is the perfect solution.  Measuring 20"x24" it gives a generous sized worktop and is also solid with a bolted connection. The MPT L-Boxx Worktop is designed to mount to an L-RACK-S quickly and easily with no major modifications to the L-RACK-S.  By using an L-RACK-S to mount the top to it gives space under the top to accommodate accessories, such as clamps or Parf dogs.  The height of the worktop is adjustable by varying the number and combination of L-Boxxes that you use under it.  It basically gives you a mini MPT that is extremely portable and can go along with you anywhere your L-Boxxes do.  Click here to see the MPT L-Boxx Worktop in action.

The MPT L-Boxx Worktop allows you to clamp work down in the same way that the MPT does and use accessories like the Parf Dogs to make the worktop into a mini track saw cutting table.  The worktop attaches to the L-RACK-S in seconds with 4 machine screws that are captured within the L-RACK-S so there is no loose hardware to keep track of.  The hardware setup is all detailed in the plans as well as the precise location of the grooves that get milled in the bottom of the worktop to accommodate the nibs and locking cleats of the L-RACK-S.  The worktop can be quickly uninstalled from the L-RACK-S and it can be used as a normal L-RACK-S with L-Boxxes clipped on top of it again since the mounting hardware does not interfere with it's normal operation.  Here are a couple of quick Instagram videos that I made showing how the MPT L-Boxx Worktop works as well as a full DP Shop Talk episode showing it in detail.

To purchase plans and instructions on how to build your own click here to go to the purchase page.

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