Thursday, 12 March 2015

What is the Multi Purpose Table?

The Multi Purpose Table (MPT) is a portable work table that I have designed and built to fill the need for a shop-built, easily portable work table that allows for the integration of various accessories for an ultra-efficient, portable workflow.  All of the components of the MPT completely pack up within the top section of the table for easy transportation or storage of the MPT.  There are various accessories that work with the MPT both shop made and commercially available that further expand its use and efficiency.  The MPT can be used for just about any woodworking task such as sanding, sawing, routing or assembly.  Some key features are: the easy use of clamps anywhere on the table via the 20mm holes, track saw integration with Parf Dogs, easy portability, and easy integration of custom shop made accessories.  Click here to see the shop made accessories that have been developed for the MPT and their uses.  Accessories or clamps can also be used in the 20mm holes in the aprons and stretchers.  Plunge-cut track saw integration of virtually any brand with the use of Parf Dogs is one of the main features and uses of the MPT.  Below are several photos illustrating some of the uses of the MPT.

To purchase detailed plans and instructions on how to build your own MPT click here.  You can also view photos and reviews from others that have purchased MPT plans and built their own here.

Accurate cross cutting with a track saw
Assembly Table

Breaking down sheet goods

Plane stop

Board clamped to apron

Easy clamping for sawing and shaping of work pieces
Sanding table with dust hose arm

 The MPT also features a shelf that can be used to put tools or tool cases on to keep them out of the way and close at hand.

Tool shelf
The key to the MPT's design is being quickly and easily disassembled, packed up and moved to another location.  This feature is also useful for storing the MPT, taking up a minimal amount of space.  The legs and stretchers quickly disassemble and store on the underside of the shelf.  The shelf then nests and locks inside the aprons of the top making an easily transported or stored package.  The MPT weighs in at approximately 52 lbs making it very manageable to transport easily.

MPT packed up

MPT being transported in a hatchback car

Check out the MPT video explaining how it works and showing how the MPT assembles.

And also the video showcasing the shop made MPT accessories and how they work.

For a list of commercially available accessories from Lee Valley Tools click on the links below:

20mm Accessories
Parf Dogs

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  1. I have purchased plenty of plans over the years, and these plans are most detailed and complete I have ever seen. I am so glad I purchased these from Dan.